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Thank you for contracting with 50 Floor on your flooring project. Please feel free to give me a call directly to address the floor concerns you have. Our records indicate that we have previously provided to you a few options to move forward on addressing these concerns for you. Thank you once again for contracting with 50 Floor on your flooring project.

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August 8: salesman and order.

August 20: no contact from company. I called and made the order.

Sept 7: Installation day.

Sept 13: ongoing problems.

The installers arrived with ceramic tile, and 3 backer boards for 100sq ft floor, and said that they do not put the backer boards between the tile and plywood floor (so why did they bring any, and leave it propped in my hall?). The salesman and manager said that the backer boards are part of what they are charging me for the floor, and that it is needed for the uneven and non-solid plywood.

The salesman and manager said that 50 floor moves the washer and drier. The installers were surprised that they had to move the washer and drier.

The installers are using no spacers for the tiles, and every tile is crooked so far.

The salesman and manager said that after the base boards are removed and replaced, 1.4 in round is used to finish the floor. The installers were given no 1/4 round, and knew nothing about how to contact the company for the short supplies.

The salesman and manager said that there is a marble transition piece between the tile and existing carpet. The installers have no marble for the doorway, and only knew about a plastic transition piece.

The manager, Shawn Harris; customer service, and the installation manager will not answer the phone. All calls go to full voicemail boxes.

I have been calling all day, and have gotten no return calls. Who has shorted the materials--the installers, who say that they were called yesterday and have not worked for 50 Floors before today; or did the company short the materials, who say that they only use contracted, licensed contractors who they train, as well as Shawn Harris saying that this crew works for the company?

I had my hot water heater uninstalled to have the floor installed. The company agreed that they would have the floor done in a few hours, that the water heater could be installed in 24 hours.

The installers left 12 1/2 hours later with crooked and rocking tiles (used no spacers and unevenly spread thin set), and the job is not half finished.

The installer laid unevenly cut backer boards on plywood without thinset and did not secure the boards to the subfloor, laid tiles too far apart and unevenly, without spacers, on globs of thinset, leaving the tiles rocking.

My toilet is on my front porch??? The installer unsuccessfully tried to cut the ceramic tile on my front porch. The installer left for two hours and came back upset that they could not get enough tile, and Lowes would not make the cuts (I waited a month for installation as the company said that the order for the tile was not in--I called them to find out what was going on--they did not call me--order from whom??? Lowes?). I wish I could upload pictures of the mess. I sent pictures of the "floor" to the manager and still got no calls back all day and night.

I requested the payment of the plumber, and no additional fees be added to my account if the installers find that there are other problems that the salesman and installers missed (because I would not have agreed to the job if it has cost more), as well as paying the plumber before he comes back out (because the plumber stated that he does not trust the company and wants to be paid before he works for them), to which Shawn Harris agreed. The first fax was a vague statement of adding no additional costs, and did not include that the plumber will be paid up front. It also included a statement that I will not review the company, employees, and contractors, or I will lose my discount. Shawn Harris replaced, at my request, the statement with a vague, but less vague statement, and leaving out the inappropriate lines about reviewing the company, a right I reserve.

The installer/supervisor Italio Levi, said that they will be back tomorrow morning at 8:30. After I called the company again, and texted Shawn Harris that his lack of responses are indicated in my call and texts records, Shawn Harris texted that he got not texts or calls, and was unaware there was problem. I sent him one picture at a time, which he said he received. At 10AM the installers had not arrived. When I called, Italio said that the installer had an accident last night, so Italio had to wait for another installer and is on his way. Finally getting Shawn Harris on the phone, he said that he trying to find another crew. Italio showed up, and I texted Shawn Harris to tell him that Italio arrived. It was later found out that Shawn Harris was on the phone with Italio and did not tell him to leave. Italio said that he is here to finish the job, and when I told him that another crew will finish the job and to call Shawn Harris, the man began yelling and cursing at me and telling me that he was going to sue me.

After phone calls and texts with Shawn Harris, it was determined that another crew would finish the job. The crew determined that the job had to be torn out and redone.

At this point, Mike Turner from Georgia became involved after I wrote a review on the website. Mike Turner told me that he would make sure that the job was done right.

The new crew manager said that he would level the floor because he would not have begun the job with the floor the way it is, get a larger flange for the toilet to match the new level of the floor, and replace the woodwork that the first crew tore off the walls, breaking the sections in half, and leaving holes in the walls from a pry bar. Shawn Harris, Mike Turner, and another man were present, and agreed with the installer, Madji.

I spoke with Mike Turner about the problems from the beginning with the pushy sales tactics and empty promises by the salesman, including that he said that the floors were good for installation and did not need leveling or replacement, the lack of response from the company in a timely manner (I had to call to find out when the installation will begin), the lack of response when the problems with installation began, Shawn Harris's flat, rude, condescending attitude toward a customer, the company's policy of "trying out" a new crew on a family (the words used by every employee I talked to about the problem), the company's promise to pay the plumber to come back out to remove and replace the hot water heater, the marble piece that turns out to be plastic, how the job will be finally finished and the washer and dryer, toilet and furniture replaced after the tile is dry. Mike Turner defended the trying out of new crews on families as what is done in the construction industry. The "marble" is what the industry calls the transition piece (I interjected how that is misleading customers), that he will make sure that everything agreed upon will be taken care of, he will make sure that they contact and pay the plumber aside from the job because of the delay caused by the previous crew, and that he is leaving a good crew to complete the job.

I began to speak to Shawn Harris about his not telling the first installer to go away when he was speaking to the installer as he arrived in my driveway. Shawn Harris denied that he talked to the installer although I have the text from Shawn Harris that he is speaking to the man at the time of arrival. Another man stepped in, interrupted, and asked what I want and said that we do not have to beat a dead horse. I replied that the horse is very much alive, and does the company not want to know of problematic behaviors by their employees, who is this man, and why is he interrupting my conversation? The man said that Shawn Harris is "very responsible." I told the man to leave.

I asked that the admin do not pull up their van into my front yard because it is wet and soggy. They unnecessarily pulled into the yard, backed out again, and left.The plumber still not being contacted or paid, I contacted the company. Bob reached out Shawn Harris, who said that the crew will take care of the flange, and that he will pay the plumber today. Madgi, the installer said that Shawn Harris had not paid the plumber and that Madji was paying the plumber out of his pocket and wrote a check to me, and that he hopes he will get the money back from the company.

The new crew installed the floor, and reneged on their promise to reinstall the toilet, and said that they do not replace the furniture, and washer and dryer, and left saying that they would have to be rehired to come back, and that they cost a lot. The crew also left the holes in the walls created by the first crew.

I texted Shawn Harris to ask if anyone is coming back to finish. He replied that he thought no work would be done on Saturday at my request. I informed him of the change, because the installer changed the time for being able to walk on the floor and re-installment of appliances from the original 4 hours, until 11AM Saturday. Shawn Harris said that they are not plumbers, and all they do is "reset appliances or fixtures." Shawn Harris kept sending me the same texts repeatedly, and when I asked him why, he said that he trying to tell me that they will not do the toilet, and call Bob to schedule the replacement of the appliances.

I have pictures of every step of this travesty of a process. What is not relayed in this review is the stress and inconvenience of the process, as well as the helplessness of a customer subjected to lies and deception by the company, employees, and contractors, who turn the problem around on the informed customer, and try to make the customer think that they are wrong; and leaving a customer with an unfinished job according to the verbal and written contracts, both of which are legal in NC.

After the floor dried, I found that the floor was not leveled and the floor drops, leaving the end of tiles sticking up at the at the point the floor changes levels, and creating a trip hazard. I texted (my only form of communication because they do not answer calls) and told the company not to authorize payment with the finance company, after the financier told me that the company cannot charge my account until the job is finished. A company representative called to tell me that I was offered paying $600 for the job, and I told her that I would call back. However, they do not answer calls and have full voicemails. I am now disputing the charge for the full amount of the job. 50 floor answered the complaint by saying that they know that they broke my water heater, and paid for it, and that is all they will do. They did not break my water heater, and I have all of the texts and pictures of what they did do documented. Problem still ongoing… I put 50 Floor into the construction category. I could not add that they are also a ***.

Product or Service Mentioned: Fifty Floor Customer Care.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $1300.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Fifty Floor Cons: Deplorable customer service, No calls back, Claims workers are employees, Contractors are tried on customers, Lie about the contract.

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