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Thank you for your review. 50 Floor appreciates you contracting with our company to complete your floor installation. Regarding your floor concerns that you have been mentioned, I would like the opportunity to speak with you to make sure these matters are fully addressed. Please give me a call directly along with providing your account information to access your account.

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On December 4, 2014, we signed a purchase order with 50 Floor to remove existing hardwood floors and carpet in our home and to install new hardwood based on the color and wood dimension that we had selected. We put a down payment of 50% of the total cost and final payment to be paid upon completion of the project. It was agreed upon that the installation will take a week to complete and installation to start January 12, 2015.

On the install date, six crews from 50 Floor were on hand, surveyed the work area, moved the furniture and immediately tore up the old flooring. They completed installing the hardwood floors, the moldings, stair risers and stair steps in two days and we signed a certificate of completion and had the final payment charged to our credit card.

Upon our inspection of the installed hardwood, we found so many dents, gaps, cracks, scratches, the stair risers and shoe moldings requiring new paint and the stair steps they installed do not match the color of the hardwood floors, it was not sanded properly and it needed another 2 to 3 more coats of polyurethane. There are several places where they forgot to install the shoe moldings and also several places where they damaged the walls. We immediately raised the issues with 50 Floor the next day, January 14 and now it has been more than three weeks and the issues with the flooring and others have not been resolved. The QC supervisor came twice. Each time he told us that he will let his manager know and ask him to come so he (manager) can see it. The manager has not come. We have called the manager several times and each time his secretary has told us he is either in a meeting or not in. He has not returned our calls. It is now January 28, and we are still waiting for resolution from the company. We felt that this was a rush job supposed to complete in a week and they finished in two days.

Product or Service Mentioned: Fifty Floor Installation.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Fifty Floor Cons: Unsatisfied.

Location: Durham, North Carolina

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I think you should personally contact them and get cleared all the mistakes that they have done while installing the floors, I'm sure they will inspect the matter and get it done properly as everyone knows to maintain their customers. See that you install a carpet from a good professional installers, you can check one from


I would not use this company based in this review BUT mostly based on the fact the manager would not get back with the customer. It's obvious he was dodging them! Poor business and terrible customer service!


Take them to small claims court, do some home work on how to win in court with your case. Put everything in writing use US mail or E-Mail as long as you prove you gave them the compliant in writing.

Tell them what is wrong what you expect them to do. Take pictures get several bids take that to court you can sue up to 5k each state may differ on the amount.


Why did you sign the certificate of completion......if there were so many installation issues? Not that I doubt the damage......but you obviously did not do a walk thru.....that certainly was not very smart was it? Not a lot of recourse now.....they got your money.


I understand where you are coming from but you should have checked the work done before signing off.