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Dear Valued Customer,

Thank you for choosing 50 Floor for your flooring needs. All manufacturers warranties flooring products. Each manufacture has different terms and conditions for what is covered and what is not covered for the warranty. As you have described scratches visible in the floor finish, manufactures usually will advise for furniture, etc to be covered or fitted with appropriate protective material. A suitable mat or sufficiently large transition area at the entrance door(s) must be used to prevent sand and/or dust from damaging the flooring. Scratches are not covered under the one-year installation warranty provided by 50 Floor nor the manufacturer’s warranty provided by the manufacture of your flooring type. 50 Floor successfully installs tens of thousands of flooring installations across the country each year. We do not take lightly your flooring concerns. As advised before to you, we are open to providing a discount toward a new flooring purchase.

Thank you once again for choosing 50 Floor. Should you have any further flooring concerns, please feel free to give me a directly to discuss further.

I had originally wanted hardwood flooring, but the sales associate convinced me that laminate was the way to go because of its durability and lifetime guarantee. She asked if we had dogs (we don't) and said people who do go with laminate over hardwood because it won't scratch.

I was worried because I know you can sand and redo hardwood if anything does happen and asked what if something happens with the laminate and she said it won't but if it does it has a lifetime guarantee. We had 908 square feet of laminate and we paid 6700 . Within a year I started noticing thin scratches throughout the floor with no apparent cause. Now the entire floor is made up of scratches and if a tiny drop of water hits a seam it swells up.

50 floor came out to inspect the floor not even two years after purchase and said we needed a total replacement but the warranty doesn't cover that. ( the warranty doesn't really cover anything if you read it). I have been going back and forth for over 3 years and the best they will do is give me a 2000 discount on a new floor. I am outraged- I was overcharged for the floor in the first place- and was sold defective product-now they want me to give them more money to fix it?

I could go buy flooring and put it in less that the discounted price they are offering- I have three small kids and this is the largest purchase I have made since we bought our house and it has made me completely weary. I was even told by 50 floor associate- that it's in the contract that the sales persons description of the flooring doesn't have to be true-----so please buyer beware

Product or Service Mentioned: Fifty Floor Flooring Installation.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

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