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50 Floor appreciates Mr. and Mrs. Maurer for contracting us to complete the install of their new floors and thank them for submitting a review. 50 Floor sincerely regrets any issues had occurred at any time during the process of fulfilling the contract. The details of the review is uncharacteristic of 50 Floor and any of the vendors we use to supply products. 50 Floor requests 7-10 business days to completely process information which caused the delay. We greatly apologize for the delay in providing complete satisfaction for Mr. and Mrs. Maurer. We are continually working to complete the request in order to take care of the customer. If there should be additional questions, comments, or concerns, I welcome you to contact me directly.

Kind regards,
Angel Mobley|Customer Service Department
50 Floor
Fayetteville, North Carolina

My wife and I wanted to have the carpets in our home replaced and the tile/laminate replaced with hardwood. The total bill came to $22k.

After deciding to go with 50 Floor out of the Raleigh/Durham, NC area, I wish my wife and I would have looked elsewhere. Not once, but twice, the wood we chose (Mullican, 3/4" planks) ended up being of such poor quality, that it simply COULD NOT be installed without mangling it and stapling/nailing it to the ground with multiple nails/staples inside the board, not at the tongue and groove.

To their credit, the General Manager did come out to our house to look at the situation both times, and even called in one of the reps from the flooring manufacturer itself to look at the sub-par product, from which (surprisingly) he "could not determine what was wrong." Suffice to say, the first batch of wood was cupped (bowed in towards the center) so hard, it looked like wooden wave-tops across my living room, and walking on it in bare feet actually caused pain. The next batch the wood slid smoothly between the tongue and groove (there should be some friction to ensure the boards stay together) and creaked hard.

When I approached the general manager to inquire how he wanted to go about and try to keep my business, after failing to provide a product of merit, while my family and I had been living on our sub-flooring for almost 3 weeks, they offered a paltry discount to our $22k investment in their company.

The lack of respect and good business practices is indicative of greater issues that likely exist in their organization.

Other issues:

1. Terrible customer service at their operations center.

2. When the second batch of wood went awry, they wanted to jump in and start the carpet installation, so they could justify that expense, even though they said it was their company model to do the hardwood first, then the carpet and then the transitions.

3. In the removal of my old carpet and tiles, the crew severely damaged our baseboards all over the house. I had to get an independent contractor to quote me for the damage to prime and replace them all, 14 in total. (See pictures below) We sent them a formal termination of agreement letter and requested remuneration for the damage done to our home by their employees, worth $400. To date, they have only refunded our initial 50%/half-down payment.

Look elsewhere, and price check. We found a better deal with better products and a better experience. The fact that they come to you is nice, but it is not worth the hassle.

Product or Service Mentioned: Fifty Floor Installation.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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