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Had 3 bathrooms done in sheet vinyl and 2 rooms plus corridors in laminate wood with natural trim to match everything else in the house. There has not been any attempt at resolving the flaws with the install to date and it has been 5 months now.

These are what I would call hit and run . I had to deal with installers that could not speak English and had to use an interpreter app to talk with them . After having a little time to get a thorough look at everything there are several unacceptable items that need repaired but I goes on DEAF EARS as they say , we signed saying everything was ok . All that was signed for was the fact that someone did install a product but no one can say it is ok as they did not get done with these installs till late night and we stayed outside out of the way almost entire time so as to not limit their working areas.

These people need to be put out of business if their customer service is non existent and you only get what they want to give you forquality. The sheet vinyl in 1 bathroom was not prepped correctly and vinyl was installed with spry loc adhesive spray and the 1/4” underpayment was not run wall to wall or feathered at edges. The installer said he was doing what he was told to do . The edges of sheet vinyl are caulked and the floor makes a noise when you walk it.

I have called several times and no one answers at the local office , so I called the main office here in Ga.

and had a service order written and was told since we signed a paper there was nothing more that could be done for us . This is very poor service if any !

Product or Service Mentioned: Fifty Floor Flooring Installation.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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