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CAUTION; I'm questioning why only A+ and A reviews are showing. We are disappointed in the quality of our floor.

We are having a major issue with unlevel floor boards. We have numerous seams that don't match up to each other. We have seams that have raised (bumped). Everywhere you walk you feel the issues.

CAUTION: I emailed the manager that I was going to write a bad review. He called and said the supervisor would come out. Three weeks later he showed. He said that he had seen this issue once before and they replaced it.

He tested for moisture and it was within the limits. He said everything looks good and would talk to the manager. After seven days of no phone call, I called him. He said the manager would not do anything.

I asked him to have the manager call to schedule a time to come out. That has been nine days with no phone call. We have had poor customer service and they don't care what the quality of our floor is. They took our money and ran.

We don't like our floors and nothing is going to be done about it. CAUTION

Product or Service Mentioned: Fifty Floor Flooring Installation.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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In 2016 you installed Armstrong Flooring in my kitchen laundry room, and 2 bathrooms. By 2017 the seams were coming apart.

Because it has a lifetime warranty you replaced the flooring free of charge. Now it's 2018 and we called your company again with the same problem. The control manager came out took pictures, and we told him no more Armstrong flooring. We would like another type of flooring.

He came out last week with ceramic and porcelain samples. I picked out a certain one and he told me if I were a first time customer it would cost me over 4,000.00 but because this was a replacement it would only be 2,700.00. Needless to say my husband and I just laughed when he told us that. First of all if it is 2,700.00 then I have a 500.00 credit coming because we paid 3,200.00 for the first floor.

When I told him it didn't even make sense, his answer was it was a different material. I then said I would take something comparable, and he said there wasn't anything. (Exact words) I asked him were we eating the cost for ordering that particular flooring? The only words he could say was different flooring.

He packed up his samples and left!! This does not speak well of Fifty Flooring. We have already sent in a complaint to Dale Cardwell. Now I would like to hear from Fifty Floor.

I think I would rather just get my money back and replace the floor with someone else. This is absolutely unheard of on a floor guaranteed for a lifetime. The last installer told us you weren't even going to carry this type of floor anymore.

Waiting to hear from you. Judy & Ewell Hitchcock 655 Camry Circle Dallas GA 30157 678 736-1446