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Ms. Love,

Thank you for your review. We would appreciate the opportunity to communicate with you further regarding the floor concerns you have mentioned in your review. We understand that your floor installation was completed by 50 Floor in the year of 2015, however we do not have a record of the flooring matters listed in your review. Please feel free to give me a call directly regarding your flooring concerns.

Thank You,

Angel Mobley
Customer Service Department
50 Floor
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It's been (2) years since I had my laminate installed. But the issues didn't just start.

First, I was asked to review the service on the day of sale before any work started. Was told I could only get credit for the coupon if I filled out the review first and to base it on my review of the sale but all the questions pertained to the product. A crew was sent over to do the work and only one person in the crew barely spoke English so we could not communicate. While upstairs, the floor was being put in downstairs, I heard a large crash.

Thought maybe they dropped something. So after they finished and left, I went downstairs to get on the computer and the key board tray fell as soon as I touched it. They had broken it and just sat it back up there hoping I wouldn't notice I guess. I called and spoke to the receptionist and she sent them back to repair it.

When they put in the base boards and corner pieces they did not permanently attach the corner pieces. Not knowing that, I used the vacuum tools to vacuum up the dog hair and have sucked up all of the loose pieces. Some I caught in time and glued down myself. Also, the toilet in the downstairs bath wobbles when you sit on it.

Not sure at all what that is about! When I was choosing the product his demonstration included scratching keys across a sample piece of board similar to what I was getting. Of course nothing detrimental happened so I was pleased as I have a large dog and children who often drop utensils on the floor. Well don't drop anything on the floor!

There are scratches and dings in several places in the kitchen. This type floor is not water proof I know, but was told it would take a good amount of water to cause damage. Not the case. Slobbers from my dog have caused damage in places.

So far so good on the carpet upstairs but that is hard to mess up and it would be harder to detect. I know several folks who have laminate and have had it much longer and theirs is in much better shape than mine.

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