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50 Floor is thankful you have decided to have us install your flooring. 50 Floor appreciates you writing this review making us aware that you are experiencing an issue that requires a resolution. In order to further review the details of your account I would need you to provide identifiable information such as the name on the contract and address. As you have been installed in 2012 the Gold Star Warranty which 50 Floor provides is no longer valid. Fortunately, all of our products possess a warranty from the manufacturer. 50 Floor will file a claim with the manufacture on behalf of our customers to determine an appropriate game plan in regards to a resolution as well as to better understand why the selected product is performing in such a manner. Moving forward I ask that you please contact the office so we may provide the service of filing a claim to ensure your satisfaction.

Thank You,
Angel Mobley
Customer Service Department|50 Floor|678-961-2266(Direct)
Tucker, Georgia

I had flooring from this company installed in 2012. Well, years later there is a floorboard that needs to be replaced because it is protruding upwards.

I called them about this issue and spoke with the customer service manager. She called me back to tell me that the type of flooring I have is no longer made by the manufacturer. After this I tried calling her back several times to see what I could possibly do to resolve the issue. She totally stopped responding to my phonecalls and emails.

I spoke to another customer service rep, told her the situation, and she said that she would call me back. That didn't happen. They just totally blew me off!!! So I'm done with them.

The flooring is under warranty so I am attempting to deal with the manufacturer directly from here on out. I would never recommend this company to anyone.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Orlando, Florida, United States #949567

What does the warranty contract say? If it does not say they are responsible but that you had to rely on the manufacturer's warrenty, then you were wrong to harrass, stalk, and libel them.

If the manufacturer was the one to seek help from, then you are violating the contract YOU agreed to. It appears that it is YOU no one should want to do business with, since you don't keep your word as to whom you would seek warrenty work from.

to JrOrlando Cumming, Georgia, United States #963669

You must work for that sham of a company! My $.68 per sq ft flooring in a rental looks better than my primary residence.