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Thank you for taking the time to share your experience. Firstly, we wish to offer our sincerest apologies to you for your negative experience. We understand that you are now in communication with your local market to work toward addressing your concerns. Thank you for your business and feedback.

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I signed a remodeling contract for a Ceramic Tile floor and a Bamboo floor on the upper house level and two flights of stairs (Bamboo steps with white risers). The Ceramic tile installation, was installed without any problems; however, that all went south on the bamboo floor installation.

He installed a portion of the floor by the time I returned from work, and noticed that the floor padding was missing under the floor boards, so mentioned to him my concerns about the missing padding and that some of the boards were not seated properly. He informed me that he did not see any padding with all the materials given to him and he also stated that the stairs were missing the white risers and wrong color for the step edges. I had to wait three weeks before they had the material needed to continue the work. They raised the entire floor to add the pad and reinstalled, before they realized that the riser board were to short.

We to wait an additional three weeks for the proper sized boards before scheduling again; however, they returned with the wrong color on the step edges. Another 2 weeks passed before they came back to install all the step edges, but the transition board that is placed from the bamboo floor edge to master bedroom rug was also missing and I also identified to them a cracked board. Finally, after a week, they came back replaced the cracked board and installed the transitional board. All of this started in September 2018 and has not finished yet and it is the December 12, 2018.

They still have to do an inspection and sign papers.

Point is, they did not complete in a timely manner as advertised, they had poor customer service when I called the office, poor quality control program for purchasing and the inventory of all material needed before being issued to the installer. The installer was not specialized in laying wood floors. For the price I am paying, the service and experience is not and will not be recommended by me. I am currently waiting for a 50 floor survey, so I can be as brutal as I can.

If your wondering what office or Branch, I'm located in Orlando Florida. I was informed that everyone in the Office area and warehouse locations where fired.

Hopefully the new crew will do a better job. If you wish to contact me e-mail manuelisled@***.com

Reason of review: Multiple reasons already explained.

Fifty Floor Pros: Installers were good for their craft.

Fifty Floor Cons: Customer service and product, Poor distribution of products.

Location: Vestal, New York

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