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Is your flooring made in China

I would like to know if your flooring is made in China or the United States. I've heard flooring made in China doesn't always meet the safety standards when it comes to the chemicals used in the manufacturing process.


Free estimates

Do you come out and do free estimates?

Hello Ms. Ennis, 

  • Thank you for your question.

    Yes, 50 Floor will schedule an appointment to visit a customer’s home to provide an estimate for new flooring.

    We will gladly follow up with a call to schedule an appointment for you to choose new flooring for your new home. Thank you for your question. 

  • Kind Regards, 
  • Angel Mobley 
  • Customer Service Department 
  • 50 Floor 
  • 678-961-2266

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    Is your free instation offer still in effect? How many rooms is this available for?

    Dear Value Customer,

  • Thank you for considering 50 Floor for your flooring needs. Yes, our “Free Installation Sale” is still in effect until July 31st!

    Our free installation sale applies to all laminate, hardwood, and carpet. All rooms selected on contractual agreement qualify for the “Free Installation Sale” offer.
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    What is the cancellation policy if you decide cancel outside the 72 hr grace period?

  • Dear Valued Customer,

  • Thank you for your question. Should a customer choose to cancel outside the 72 hour grace period, the customer will be subject to paying a cancellation fee equal to 20% of the grand total to offset 50 Floor’s cost arising out of the cancellation. The cancellation fee will be taken out of the deposit provided by the customer and any excess deposit will be returned to the customer within 10 business days.
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    cleaning a spot on carpet

    There was a dog urine stain on our carpet. A box store commercial carpet cleaner was used to try to clean it.

    It left a residue that is grabbing dirt from shoe etc as we walk by. What is best way to clean this stain.

    We do not want to use a steam cleaning service. Have considered using a diluted white vinegar solution.

  • Dear Valued Customer,

  • Thank you for submitting your question for your carpet concern.

  • From what you have described on your cleaning practice for the vinegar solution, this has been known to clean carpet stains such as dog urine.

    You are welcome to communicate with me directly for further assistance.

    I will research your account with 50 Floor to provide the exact cleaning instructions from the manufacture of your carpet. Please give me a call for further assistance.

  • Kind Regards,
  • Angel Mobley
  • Customer Service Department
  • 50 Floor
  • 678-961-2266 (Direct)
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