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Dear Valued Consumer,
We are sorry for your experience and would like to look into this. We can’t find you in our system with out certain details. Can you please email your location, the name/date/time your job was under, along with your best contact number to Thank you.
Customer Service Department (877) 503-5667

This company is as sleazy as it gets! The way their contact is worded...their installers can completely ruin every base board in your house and they are not liable, even if it is clearly blatant

negligence on the installer's part.

You will be left to float the bill. Once you sign your contract you will never hear from the sales person again, so ask your questions while they are still standing there! The flooring will click and clack under your every step, but they won't care about that either.

They will "rip up your

existing quarter round and replace with new" but what they don't tell you is the new quarter round will only be primed and unpainted, so you will have to float that bill as well. READ the fine print exceptionally well because there are many things this company can get away with destroying, and they truly do not care!

User's recommendation: Run away and never look back!

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