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Fifty Floor in Nashville, Tennessee - Not what they show on Talk of the Town Extra! - Resolved

Dear Valued Customer,

Thank you for providing feedback on your experience. While we are unhappy to learn of your experience, we do understand that you have communicated with your local market to have your concerns addressed further. We appreciate the opportunity address your matter(s) and look forward to serving you again for future projects.

Thank you for choosing 50 Floor for your flooring needs.

Kind Regards,

Angel Mobley
Customer Service Department
50 Floor
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Fifty Floor Carpet Installation
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Reason of review
Poor customer service
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Price reduction
Fifty Floor - Not what they show on Talk of the Town Extra!

Update by user Aug 21, 2018

I am very happy to report that the Assistant General Manager at 50 Floor (Eric Tetreault) responded quickly to my complaint and together we came to a mutually satisfactory resolution! I was pleased that the company was so expeditious in addressing my concerns and moved promptly to fix the problem.

My credit card was credited with an agreed upon amount to help cover the cost of a new mattress. Mr. Tetreault was courteous, listened intently, and understood my situation. So many other companies try to minimize customers' complaints.

In the future I will recommend 50 Floor to the HOA and other residents at my Townhouse development.

The quality of their work and flooring materials were exceptional. Thank you to the upper management in their superior customer relations and response!

Original review posted by user Aug 16, 2018

First - they are NOT the "low price leader" in flooring. I compared them to two other companies and they were all the same!

Myers was within $40. Second- the well dressed clean cut installers you see moving furniture and cleaning up so meticulously are NOT what comes to your door. I had three immigrant workers from a third party firm-only one spoke any English and he did not fully understand the importance of how NOT to mishandle a Tempurpedic mattress in their moving of the furniture. Third- these three workers were in a very big rush to leave my job and get to their next-WITHOUT doing a proper walk through with the Certificate of Completion Form and Verification of Damage forms!

They only allowed me the time to sign and pay the balance. While the carpet was properly installed the clean up and moving back of furniture was sloppy. I had to get them to move heavy pieces back to their original places. Clean up and vacuuming was cursory at best.

Fourth-after their departure I went to remove linens from the bed for washing and that is when I discovered the misaligned layers of the Tempurpedic mattress. I did not see this before because the coverlet was thrown over the end of the bed. Tempurpedics are designed to last 20+ years and I had intended on keeping this another 10. The layers are fitted together inside a permanent covering and cannot be realigned if the mattress is mishandled.

I cannot put on a fitted sheet or position the mattress properly on the bed frame now. When I called Tempurpedic they explained that they could not fix this and I would have to buy a new mattress. ($2,200). I called customer service at 50 Floor to register these complaints and spoke with Tammy Wilson.

Ms. Wilson. I was aware that I was on the third day of the 3 days to make a complaint. Ms.

Wilson listened to my account of my job and she was very rude and abrupt. I also sent photos of the misaligned shifted layers of the mattress. Right away she said "we are not going to buy you a new mattress". She hardly apologized and did admit that 50 Floor has had service problems due to having to use third party sub contractors to install.

Ms. Wilson called me back after reviewing the complaint -presumably with higher management. She again offered no resolution or compensation-instead she waxed on and on about HER problems and the company's struggles with labor!! She was obviously trying to garner sympathy from ME when I was the customer who had been mistreated.

I had to end the call. I have had to bear the expense of a new mattress. When I showed the Tempurpedic salesperson pictures of what was done he asserted that the mattress had definitely been mishandled. My insurance agent tried to intervene by calling the owner/General Manager but got NO answer and NO voicemail.

I have also tried to reach Mr. Ron Luchetti -GM- but did not get through. (The telephone number given is the same as Ms. Wilson's but with a different extension.) Essentially I am being ignored.

I had to bear the cost of a new mattress.

I also filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. I will steer people away from 50 Floor whenever possible.

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Fifty Floor in Nashville, Tennessee - BAD SERVICE

Dear Valued Customer,

Thank you for taking the time to advise 50 Floor of your experience. It is our intent to make sure every customer’s matter is addressed thoroughly. We appreciate you taking the time to speak with us further to bring resolve to your matters. It was our pleasure to take care of your flooring needs.

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Fifty Floor Carpet Installation
Reason of review
Poor customer service

Can not take pictures of damage to wall and base board. Am disable and don't have people that come to see us.

We will just handle this problem. This is the 2nd time your people have messed up. We will just not use 50 floors again or recommend. I want my review posted liked you post all the good reviews.

The last one I posted. Thank You Tammy Wilson for trying to help. But not everyone has a cell phone.

Baseboards painted scrapped off bad on side. Wall one side scuffed up.

Just had painted. The salesman was great but the people that put the carpet down never said a word to us.

No phone call to let us know they were coming.

Will start posting on face book. Bad service.!

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