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Dear Valued Customer,

Thank you sharing feedback on your experience. We sincerely apologize for these matters occurring. We understand you are in communication with your local 50 Floor office to further address your concerns and we look forward to bringing resolve to these concerns for you.

Kind Regards,

Angel Mobley
Customer Service Department
50 Floor
Denver, Colorado

The sales rep was extremely rude. First complained how he had to take too many turns to get to my house.

I told him I was interested in solid wood floors and immediately he tried to talk me out of them and to get laminate. I told him I have laminate in my kitchen and dining room and was unhappy with it. He said that is because it is low quality which it is not.... it's top of the line.

I proceeded to tell him I wanted the solid woods in my living room, hallway and replace the laminate in kitchen & dining room. He told me not to replace the laminate and to leave it. I again mentioned the bedrooms with new carpeting and he said "let's take care of the wood floors first". He went out to his truck and came back with "one" portfolio of hardwood samples (4 sections). I said I liked the second set of samples and he said it had beveled edge and way more expensive. He did not even open the last two sections telling me they were too expensive and to go with the first page where I would get top quality at a "lower price". He measured 300 sq ft. and proceeded to figure the price on his laptop. He said the flooring I picked was $10 sq ft. (which I knew was a top of line price) where in the beginning he said it was lowest priced with best quality.

When finished he showed me his price he figured on his laptop of OVER $6,000!! I said how could that be if 300 sq ft @ $10 per sq ft = $3,000? He raised his voice and said WAIT, I'm giving you a price under $3,000, where he then said $2,900! He said it was top quality, top of the line flooring and $10 was a great deal. Never mentioned the promotion I was promised of 60% off or free installation (which ever would be better). After the rep kept answering my questions with "don't worry about it" and then pricing the way he did (never giving me a written estimate), I told him I would have to think about it.

With that, he slammed down his laptop and said "Okay, I thought you were ready to make a deal today"... "I can't believe I drove all this way for you not to deal with me"! He then proceed to drag his samples off of my beautiful wood top dining table and stormed out. By him doing that, he gouged two large scratches in my table!

I immediately called 50 floor back as soon as he left and they all they did was give me his supervisors name and number and that he would call me but he did not work on the weekends. I tried calling him this morning and got a voicemail.

So... no estimate given, no measurement of kitchen & dining room and did not even address the bedrooms... never showed me any samples!!!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Another Sales Rep to come out and ADDRESS everything I want done.

Fifty Floor Cons: Representation.

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