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Angel Mobley
Customer Service Department
50 Floor

On sep 28 2017 they install my wood floor and since then we are having floor elevation ,crack ,lump and egging all over we call then oct 2017, nov2017 december 2017 we have a respond and they send a person out on jan2018 and on feb or march a field manager came and gave us difference sceneries those sceneries include intallation,and to wait few month to see it will change the condition of the floor ,we told him that 5 months had pass and the floor looks the same but we will wait . Then on may 2018 the manager send an agent to check on the floor the floor was the same but now they assement was humnity in the house the funny thing is that agent came we his mind set because he came before with the manager and they agree that difference sceneries and use our old floor of 24 year as an example on may but when we use the way our old floor was install that did not have no egging ,crack and lump and they told us that our floor was to old to compare but now they are using it in there report .what we donot undestand are the floor having like this since installation .

We want some one to explain to us if huminities will work in a floor day after of installation.

Also our experience with the personal of this companies was very unprofessional they did send us any communication or we call them they will hand out the phone (field manager) and did not return the call we felt discrimanate and rush off .also the lie in the report that they send to my credit card ,they only want my money .we call sale person he doesnot work with them no more .and the people the install my floor have complain again their installations in other house.again we are not not recomending this company 50 floor to any one please if anyone had the same experience. : Bla-bla

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